Free, but domesticated Willy speaker

After the Sweet Animals, the Forever family is joined by Willy, Tilly and Milly ABS-200 – the domesticated portable speakers. If you want to adopt them, be careful – they are loud, independent and feel the call of nature.

Forever Willy, Tilly, Milly are a pack of animals who know what everything about good rhythm. As domesticated portable speakers, they’re great for accompanying you on your desk, in the kitchen, bathroom or garden. Since they feel the call of nature, they will gladly go outdoors with you.

They like being close, but you don’t have to keep them on a leash

They are free and they have their own character, but do not like to be kept tethered. And you don’t have to – they will play anytime you want. The built-in Bluetooth 4.1 module offers a range of 10 metres and lets you connect to them wirelessly in no time at all, letting you play music from your smartphone or laptop. You can also play music directly from a microSD card, offering you a cheap and convenient way to store a lot of files. What is more, you already use them in your smartphone or tablet. Just move the card to the speaker and play your favourite tunes, controlling it with the buttons on the cover.

Willy, Tilly, Milly are speakers that might seem to be sensitive and light, but in reality, they are covered with a high quality silicone cover. Every package contains two covers, letting Willy turn into a red dinosaur or a black whale. Milly can turn into a pink pig or white rabbit. Tilly can be a blue plane or a TV set – or a mysterious creature with antennae, for those with vivid imagination.

Energetic, music-loving and talkative

The built-in 300 mAh lithium-ion battery allows the speakers to run continuously for up to 3 hours. When they get tired and get low on energy, just plug in a micro USB cable and charge them. They are small, shapely and look inconspicuous, but music is in their nature. The new Forever Willy, Tilly and Milly speakers deliver clear and powerful sound even at maximum volume. Powerful bass makes music feel powerful and immense. The speakers are clearly audible even over long distances, which makes them perfect not only at home, but also outside.

The hands-free feature and built-in microphone allow you to pick up and answer calls with just one button. During a call, music playback stops automatically and resumes after it ends.

Forever Willy, Tilly, Milly are your new friends

They love company and can always be with you. They are small and cute, they always change and they never get on your nerves. They were domesticated, but they haven’t forgotten where they came from. Give them a chance – and you will love them as much as they love music.

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