We have seven ways to get you started!

The worst thing about running is starting out, however, there are ways to stay motivated and get through your first month. From then on, things will be looking up!

Running is really cool and it’s something you can grow to like!

The first month of training will be the hardest, but if you persist, each subsequent month will be a pleasure. Running can become a habit, even an activity you can’t imagine living without, and – most importantly – a pleasant way to spend your free time that boosts your mood, reaction time and well-being.

Running can even be addictive, because during intense exercise, your brain produces dopamine – the motivational hormone – as well as serotonin, which improves your mood and gives you a boost of energy. Immediately after a workout you will feel a surge of endorphins, which are sometimes referred to as happiness hormones.

Recent studies show that exercise has an even greater impact on the mind than on the body, since it stimulates the brain to work at a higher rate, as well as fosters the creation of new neurons. Regular running at a moderate pace is therefore particularly recommended for people who work with their brains.

How to start running?

With this article, we want to inspire you to start running and give you some tips regarding healthy and reasonable physical activity. This is not supposed to be a training plan – if you need one, be sure to consult a trainer or find one online. There are several tried and proven solutions on trusted running websites. This article provides a number of hints that will encourage you to take the first step and stick to your decision, to ultimately change your lifestyle in a tangible way.

Go on short, but frequent and regular runs

Every activity is good, but if you want to take running seriously, you should plan for at least three workouts per week. Regularity is where it’s at – it’s worth planning your workouts so that you have one training session every couple of days. Try to avoid situations where you are working out intensively at the beginning of the week and then do nothing for a couple of days.

How long should your first run take? No longer than 15 minutes. Start out slow, especially when your activity to that point was rather scarce and limited. With time, try to slowly increase the intensity and length of your training sessions.

Our ideas to motivate you

If you want to stick to your decision and make running a habit, motivation is key. Willpower is also important, but various studies show that willpower has its limits, since – just like muscles – it can be overexerted and simply stop working. For many people, willpower is enough to start out, but then, after they’ve been running for a while without purpose or pleasure, they stop training. Hence the question – how to get motivated for running?

Set yourself specific goals, rewards and create a plan

Real goals are like a point on the map that you want to reach, a finish line or a checkpoint that enables you to determine your progress. After crossing the finish line, you get a reward – great mood, half an hour with a book and a good coffee, sauna or a tasty snack. At the very beginning, your goals may include running for 15 minutes 2-3 times a week or completing a given segment within a specific time frame. Over time, your goals can be more and more stretching.

A good idea to keep yourself running is planning training sessions for a week, two weeks or even a month ahead. Without reserving some time for running in your calendar, it will be much easier for you to find an excuse not to run – things like needing to finish a work assignment, going out for a beer with your friend or watching an episode of another TV series with your wife. Without a good plan, it will be impossible to win.

Monitor your progress

While running, you might want to pursue a number of goals. Some people just want to improve their fitness, others want to work on their endurance. Running is also popular as a method for burning excess fat. A sports smartwatch or smartband will help you measure your progress and goals. We can particularly recommend four models launched by Forever.

Forover Forefit

Forever Forefit is a perfect smartband for the first steps of the journey towards healthy lifestyle. Forefit can precisely measure distance, as well as count the number of steps and calories burned. Its heart rate monitor provides effective heart rate measurement and analysis. After a workout, it can also monitor your sleep, which enables you to see how long you slept and what the quality of your sleep was. The alarm clock will wake you from the deepest slumber, and you can flick your wrist to wake the smartband up and check the time.

Forefit also has two features taken from more advanced sports equipment, never seen before in entry-level products – blood pressure and oxygenation measurement. These two parameters are really important for health-conscious athletes, who want to know every in and out of their bodies.

Forever SB-310

Forever SB-310 smartband is a great gadget for every enthusiast of active lifestyle, who appreciates good style. This unique device records everyday physical activity, and additionally has the timeless and beautiful design of a modern watch. Its beautiful design makes SB-310 a perfect companion for your trip to the gym or a workout, as well as a perfect accessory complementing your everyday outfit. Unlike other smartbands, this model looks just like a modern, beautiful watch – not a typical sports accessory, and this is what makes it particularly exceptional. The device has built-in sensors recording your everyday physical activity. Forever SB-310 counts your steps, distance travelled, calories burnt and measures sleep quality.

Forever SW-500

An elegant, practical and durable device, which will be your perfect companion in nearly all conditions. Its easy-to-read 1.3-inch IPS display is covered with durable Gorilla Glass and offers you the ability to customise and personalise your watch faces. You can choose from one of five watch faces directly on the watch, and 8 watch faces in the application. Its high protection rating – IP66 – ensures complete protection against dust and strong water jets. The watch has a built-in GPS, barometer, pedometer, altimeter as well as a heart rate monitor, and has the sleep monitoring functionality. It can recognise as many as six types of activities, including running.

Forever SW-600 Triplex

A modern smartwatch designed for true athletes, featuring a variety of functionalities that provide you with accurate information about your training performance, collect various data and display them on its screen. The device is IP68-compliant, which means that it is fully protected from being submerged in water for a long time, as well as fully resistant to dust. It is one of the few watches on the market able to measure swimming distance and count the number of calories burnt during training in water. What is more, it can last up to 50 days on a single charge. The built-in GPS records the route travelled, and the vibration engine informs you about reaching your objectives, such as distance covered while running or swimming. Forever TripleX SW-600 offers a number of additional features such as notifications, reminders, alarm clock and stopwatch.

Run with a friend

Running together can be a great source of motivation. When one person has a bad time, another one can be supportive and encouraging. Another thing that helps with motivation is planning your runs together on a given date and time. It’s harder to say no to someone else than it is to yourself. However, you should keep in mind that you should not try and compete with the other person. Compare your results to yourself from a month or a year ago. Don’t look at the others, look at yourself. It is not about running a given distance as fast as possible or running a marathon after a few months of training. The winners are those who, thanks to running, will really change their lifestyle to a healthy one. Once and for all.

Find your optimal running time

Some people are avid fans of running early in the morning, even at 5:00 a.m. Others prefer to go running in the evening or even before going to sleep. Everybody has their own preference, but the facts say that most of the race records were broken in the afternoon. It is worthwhile to check when your body reaches its peak performance and go running at that time.

Eat and drink smart

A large pork chop with a mountain of potatoes and a glass of orange juice or Coca-Cola is a classic dinner in many Polish homes. Let he who doesn’t indulge in those once in a while cast a potato. Of course, there is nothing inherently wrong in indulging yourself once in a while – but certainly don’t do it before a workout.

A ton of books and useful articles have been written about nutrition before, during and after working out. It’s worth taking a look at some of them and eating smart to have a lot of strength to run, which will directly translate into a good mood and well-being.

Remember about stretching

Recent studies show that stretching before working out is not important and may even be a cause of injury. Stretching after the run, however, is a totally different animal.

Motivation, plan, diet and a good smartband or smartwatch will make it much easier to keep at it, especially during the first month. After the first month, running will be a breeze!

Second month is much easier than the first one

Motivation, a plan, a diet and a good smartband or smartwatch will make it much easier to keep at it, especially during the first month. After the first month, running will be a breeze!

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