Get balanced with Analytical Scale

Be smart about your weight! Forever AS-100 is a modern and smart analytical scale, which can measure body fat and evaluate many other important body parameters. It is stylish and easy to use, and – thanks to its attractive price –available to everyone.

What can the Forever AS-100 scale do? One measurement, fifteen parameters

Back in the day, scales were simple devices that could only provide the measurement of their user’s weight. The world is moving forward, and the use of state-of-the-art technology has enabled the designers to come up with a device that can provide precise weight measurements, as well as calculate a number of key parameters concerning body composition, the monitoring of which is extremely useful for people who maintain a healthy lifestyle, for athletes, as well as for those trying to lose weight.

Forever AS-100 is a perfect example of a smart analytical scale, which can use one simple measurement to calculates 15 body parameters and which can also be linked with a smartphone to save and analyse them, as well as to monitor your progress.

The scale is equipped with a precision strain gauge sensor that can withstand loads of up to 180 kilograms. Forever AS-100 can calculate your body mass index – a parameter which helps you to assess whether your body weight is normal, too low or too high. In addition, the scale also provides a body fat ratio and basal metabolic rate measurements.

The device is also able to provide measurements of the amount of body fat and water in your body, along with muscle and bone mass, daily calorie requirement, visceral fat, protein levels, subcutaneous fat, fat, protein and even determine the biological age of your body.

Mobile app – your personal assistant

Forever AS-100 displays weight on its display, and the rest of the parameters are available in Forever Scale – a free app for smartphones, which collects measurement data, saves them and allows you to analyse them. It is easy to use and features a clear interface that is easy to pick up for everyone.

The app offers 18 various parameters, which are saved and stored, giving you access to history of measurements and analyses. The application also provides general indicators regarding your results, telling you whether your body is lean, perfect, overweight or obese, or whether you have insufficient, perfect or ideal muscle mass. These indicators make it easier to assess the situation and see whether you are healthy or not at a glance.

Can you trust measurements from an analytical scale?

You can definitely trust the measurements of Forever AS-100 analytical scale. This state-of-the-art smart device uses the proven bioelectric impedance analysis method to conduct its measurements. This is the best available method that can be used at home.

The application, on the other hand, employs artificial intelligence, collected data and powerful algorithms that can calculate all additional parameters.

Why regular body measurements are important?

Being thin does not necessarily mean being lean. People of identical weight can have a completely different body fat levels, which can be several times higher than muscle mass. These people have vastly different body types.

This knowledge is particularly helpful when trying to compose an individual diet, and thanks to regular measurements, one can accurately assess the effectiveness of dietary treatment. Body composition analysis is especially recommended for overweight and underweight people, people suffering from obesity and cellulite, as well as body builders.

Always ready to go

Forever AS-100 scale is not only a practical and modern analytical tool, but also a stylish accessory.

The surface of the scale is covered with glossy tempered black or white glass with silver inserts, which ensure its timeless elegance. The bottom is made of high-quality plastic. Its stability is ensured by four wide legs. At the top, you can find a clear, bright 2.4-inch LCD. The device connects to your smartphone via the built-in Bluetooth 4.0 wireless communication module.

The Forever AS-100 analytical scale has the dimensions of 300 x 300 x 25 mm and weighs 1.8 kilograms. It is powered by two 1.5 V AAA batteries. The low battery indicator will warn you before the device discharges completely.

Important facts

What is BMI?

The Body Mass Index is a parameter which helps you to assess whether your body weight is normal, too low or too high. Increased BMI may indicate a risk of diseases such as diabetes, atherosclerosis or ischemic heart disease. This important parameter can help you to see the potential danger and protect yourself from it.

How does BIA work?

Bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) is a non-invasive diagnostic test method, which enables accurate analysis of the body composition, using the electrical impedance of the body tissues. In order to carry out the measurement, the scale sends an undetectable electric current through the body. Fat and muscle tissues conduct electricity in different ways, and the device can capture these differences and on this basis calculate the measurement of body composition. BIA is the best available measurement method that can be used at home.

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