Smart ways to move around

Driving a car means traffic jams, high costs and emissions resulting in smog. Public transit means delays, crowds, sometimes even no air conditioning. How do you avoid these problems and zip around the city while having fun and not spending too much money? We’ve found a way of doing just that.

An emerging trend or just a fad?

According to the latest information from the US, electric scooters have become more popular than docked urban bikes. According to the National Association of City Transportation Officials, electric scooters are now only behind public transit and cars in terms of popularity.

This trend can also be observed in Poland. It took only a few months before our streets became overrun by electric scooters – both shared and private ones. Some might even say that it’s hard to walk the streets without stumbling over them.

The alternative ways of moving around the city have become so normal and obvious that more and more people cannot imagine living without them. However, many people are still afraid of electric vehicles, which are a great way to move around in crowded cities.

Back to the future?

Is there anybody who did not dream of a next-generation scooter that would ride by itself as a kid? We are living in the future now, and riding an electric scooter is a pleasure available to many people.

Riding an electric two-wheeler has a number of advantages. Electric vehicles are a great alternative to bikes, as well as – even first and foremost – cars, taxis and public transit. It is not only a contemporary fad, but a real help in fast, pleasant and clean commuting around the city.

Many people choose electric scooters or electric skateboards to make going to work or school quick and pleasant. High-end electric scooters are suitable for riding on a variety of roads, from gravel paths to cobblestone, letting you forget about any fear connected with poor quality roads along your way. Electric skateboards – which are smaller, lighter and cheaper than scooters – are another interesting solution, despite the fact that they require some time to learn how to ride them safely.

Commuting 7-10 kilometres during the morning rush hour often requires you to spend more than an hour in your car – that’s a lot of time, a lot of harmful emissions contributing to smog, and a lot of fuel wasted. An electric scooter will not only cut this time by half, but will also save you money, and you won’t contribute to air pollution in the city.

Driving a distance of 10 kilometres by a middle-class car costs approximately 4 PLN. This is just fuel alone, without even taking into consideration the huge maintenance costs, as well as repairs, insurance and inspections. A taxi will cost you about 30 PLN in total. A single public transit ticket is 3-4 PLN at the very least, sometimes much more. By choosing a scooter, you can reduce this cost to 0.08-0.10 PLN per 10 kilometres. In the case of an electric skateboard, the price will be even lower.

A bike is even cheaper, which makes it a fine solution, except for the fact that your work clothes might not feel comfortable after riding 10 kilometres. Pedalling alone can be tiresome, not to mention the fact that a bike takes up more space than a scooter or an electric skateboard.

Don’t forget to do some math before renting a shared scooter

In spite of what you might think at a first glance, the popular scooters, which took over Polish cities, are hardly environmentally friendly. It’s true – they do not pollute air in our cities; however, studies show that the average life span of shared electric scooters in the US is only 29 days. This means that the rental companies have to order new scooters all the time, while older ones are either junked or parted out.

Thus, using your personal electric scooter is a far more environmentally friendly solution. High-quality e-scooters are able to carry their owners for many years with no emissions whatsoever. What is more, even if you decide to replace it with a new model, you can always sell your old scooter to let somebody else use it, thus contributing to protecting the environment.

Cost is another important aspect. Ireneusz Sudak, author of the Subiektywnie o finansach blog calculated exactly how expensive it is to rent shared electric scooters compared to buying one for yourself.

“In other words, if you rent a scooter twice a day for 10 minutes each time, buying your own will pay for itself after just half a season – 156 days. If you calculated the expense given using it for an hour each day, the break-even point would be even faster, under 76 days.”

Many things depend on the purchase price of the scooter and the intensity of its use; however, given the data, purchasing your own scooter is a far more viable solution compared to renting it, even if you just take a single year into consideration. In the quoted article, the author assumed 2,500 PLN as the cost of purchasing a scooter. Meanwhile, a high-quality Forever City Sprinter Pro electric scooter, which is far more advanced than shared ones, can be purchased for as little as 1,800 PLN. An electric skateboard, such as Forever Chic, can be bought for even less, approximately 1,000 PLN.

On the sidewalk, on a bike path or on the road? Towards change

Where can you ride your electric scooters in Polish cities? These days, the answer to this question is not obvious. The current road traffic regulations do not envision vehicles such as electric scooters, since according to the law in force, a scooter is a pedestrian, not a vehicle, and as such, its place is on the sidewalk. The problem is that an average pedestrian can reach speeds of up to 5-6 kilometres per hour, while electric vehicles can run as fast as around 30 kilometres per hour.

The new regulations are supposed to bring much-needed clarity in this area. Lawmakers also want to introduce a new vehicle category – UTO, encompassing electric vehicles up to 90 centimetres wide, 125 centimetres long and with unladen weight of up to 25 kilograms. The new category will therefore include not only electric scooters, but also electric skateboards and one-wheelers.

Users will be able to ride their electric scooters on sidewalks only when there is no bike path and if the speed limit on the road next to the sidewalk is higher than 30 kilometres per hour. Riding on the street will only be allowed if there is a speed limit of 30 kilometres per hour in place.

Regardless of the legal status, it is worth taking care of your safety when riding a scooter. Common sense, keeping others in mind, as well as imagination and thinking forward – these are the best ways to avoid dangerous situations. The lawmakers also recommend using a helmet and protectors, although they are not explicitly required.

All the accessories are included in the package, which makes an electric scooter a perfect Christmas gift – as well as simply a present without any real occasion. You can choose between two colour versions – pink and gold, and black.

Alternative means of transport are not the future. They are already here.

There are around 8,500 shared electric scooters alone in Poland. With every passing month, their number will only grow bigger, and this does not even account for individual users. Alternative means of urban transport are not a fad. Zipping around the city on your personal electric scooter or skateboard simply makes sense – you can save time, money and the environment. What’s more, it’s simply great fun!

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