Bioio black overlay

Bioio black overlay

We have created an environmentally friendly product with the environment in mind. We have developed an innovative material that is fully biodegradable. By choosing a Bioio overlay, you protect not only your device, but also the planet we all live on.

  • organic packaging
  • environment-friendly
  • does not add bulk to the device
  • minimalist design


Smartphone protection

Bio solutions are not only good for the environment. The overlay protects your device from unwanted scratches, dust and dirt. In addition, it protects the phone against falls from height. Be eco-friendly, opt for solutions, thanks to which you will not have to replace the device with a new one every now and again. The phone overlay is free from harmful substances, such as BPA, and its production reduces carbon emissions and greenhouse gases. The high quality of used materials makes the product strong and durable, thus enabling long-term use and ensuring the highest level of protection for your device.

Clean planet is our responsibility

The Bioio overlay combines minimalist design with great possibilities. The natural formulation is 100% biodegradable and made with the planet in mind. Vegan friendly product – free from toxins, friendly for the environment. Simple 6-ingredient composition – among others, completely recyclable plant cellulose and PBAT

Simple composition

Every detail matters to us. We give you a product created without the use of plastic, packed in a completely biodegradable cardboard. Without unnecessary additions. The Bioio overlay will protect your phone from scratches and cushion falls from heights. It is unbreakable and durable. The overlay is thin and does not add bulk to the device. It has all the necessary and precise cutouts for the ports. The buttons are easily accessible.

Color black
Material Plant cellulose – 1,5%, Acetyl Tributyl Citrate – 4,5%, PBAT (adipic acid / butylene terephthalate) – 81,3%, Talc – 1,9% Titanium – 1,4%, Calcium carbonate 9,4%
Manufacturer TelForceOne
Functions phone protection, cavities for ports
Guarantee 12 mc


Bioio yellow


Bioio red


Bioio pink