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no-cracking 3 A fast charging data transfer

Regardless of what you do, safety and comfort are always important. Choose quality and be ready for anything.

core_hammer_lightning core_hammer_lightning

If you are no stranger to adrenaline and extreme conditions, you need products that will keep up with you and suit your needs. EXTREME cable puts triviality aside and spurs into action with its vibrant design.


Charge your battery using EXTREME cable that is impossible to miss. Vivid colors are eye-catching, making it easy to find the cable in a backpack or a purse. However, we know that appearance isn’t everything. A more rigid cable is an advantage, not only because everyone hates tangled cables.

A cable that will keep up with you even in the most extreme conditions.

core_cable_hammer_powebank core_cable_hammer_powebank

A reinforced cable is more durable than traditional ones that are available on the market. Moreover, extended connectors protect the cable in places most exposed to cracking and abrasion. Quick charging of 3A amperage will keep up with you, regardless of conditions


EXTREME cable will allow you to seamlessly send data from one device to another. Due to a two-sided connector, you do not have to think which side should be connected to a charger or a PC, therefore you will not destroy a connector in a device.

core_cable_hammer_yellow_lightning core_cable_hammer_yellow_lightning

The silicone band included in the set will help you keep everything where it belongs. Be efficient and preserve nature with us. Due to extremely durable materials, you will use the cable for many years without the need to replace it.


Available colours black-yellow
Connector USB, lightning (8-PIN)
Cable length 1 m
Maximum current 3 A
Functions data transfer, charging


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