Smartwatch iGO JW-100 pink

Smartwatch iGO JW-100 pink

EAN: 5900495828453

Designed for kids, the iGO JW-100 smartwatch combines popular functionalities with a fashionable, sporty look.

  • available in four popular colors
  • IP68 waterproof class
  • features modern sports modes


More! Faster! Cooler!

Available in four colors, this is the perfect watch for kids of all ages, combining everything your child needs: style, practicality and durability. The smartwatch features a 1.3-inch display with a resolution of 240×240 pixels. A light touch on the navigation button is enough to move the screens in the app. Just like that.

Ideal for school trips

iGO is an extremely lightweight smartwatch. It weights merely 28 g and puts virtually no pressure on your wrist. The IP68 water resistance rating allows your child to swim freely with the watch without worrying about flooding the device. Lightweight and durable material of the envelope and a solid silicone strap guarantee long life of the gadget. Forever iGO JW-100 smartwatch instantly connects via Bluetooth 4.0 to mobile devices with Android and iOS. Long operation on a single charge is provided by a powerful battery with a capacity of 160 mAh. In standby mode, iGO works up to seven days. Battery charging time is only two hours. That’s really fast.

More activity for a little explorer

Forever iGO JW-100 smartwatch with a capacious battery will appeal not only to children, who love modern gadgets, but also to sports and activity enthusiasts. The advantage of this model is a built-in accelerometer and a heart rate monitor. In addition, the smartwatch indicates the number of steps taken, burned calories, traveled distance and monitors your child’s sleep. If the watch notices that your child’s activity has decreased, it will remind them about the lack of movement and motivate them to become more active! Let your child explore the world with the Forever iGO JW-100 smartwatch today!

Color pink
Diagonal 1,30 cal
Manufacturer TelForceOne
Charging time 2 h
Degree of protection (IP) IP68
Bluetooth v 4.0
Resolution 240 x 240 px
Brand Forever
Net weight 28 g
Battery capacity 160 mAh
Strap length 220 m
Cooperation with the system iOS 9.0 i nowsze, Android 5.0 i nowsze
Maximum standby time 7 days
Dedicated application Forever GoFit
Guarantee 12 mc
Model Forever JW-100


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