Smartwatch Care Me KW- 400 GPS WiFi graphite

Smartwatch Care Me KW- 400 GPS WiFi graphite

EAN: 5900495780492

The Forever Care Me KW-400 smartwatch is designed for children of age 7 and older.

  • allows to locate the user via built-in modern GPS and WiFi modules
  • allows to make phone calls
  • allows to designate a safe area
  • features user location function
  • sends warnings (SOS)
  • features an active watch loss sensor


Forever Care Me KW-400 smartwatch,

which will tell you where your child is and how they have traveled. You can use it instead of a smartwatch to make calls, write messages and take pictures. It will designate an area where your child can stay when they are outside. What will your child think about it? They will be thrilled! Forever Care Me KW-400 on the child’s arm allows the parent to check the child’s location and trace their route at any time. Using a special app, you can also specify the area in which your child should stay, such as an area in the park or in front of the house. If the child leaves the area, the app installed on the parent’s smartphone will immediately send a notification.

With care and safety of children in mind

The Forever Care Me KW-400 has a very precise GPS system that also uses Wi-Fi to determine location. Thanks to this solution, the smartwatch doesn’t lose its coverage in buildings or underground parking lots, as long as there is any wireless network somewhere. Forever watches for kids work with virtually all mobile network operators across Europe. Thanks to this, they do not become useless abroad.

Color graphite
Charging time 2 h
Functions phonecalls, phonebook, SMS notifications, SOS call tracing, voice monitoring chat, remote shutdown, math game
Microphone built in
Battery 400 mAh
Strap length 230 mm
Maximum standby time 3 days
Guarantee 12 mc
Display 1.4″ 210×240


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