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Multifunctional travel charger

Wall charger, induction charger, power bank with induction and replaceable socket plugs are one device created for mobile users.

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Multiple power

Don’t waste time – charge several devices at once. You have 3 USB ports, including one Type-C port and inductive charging function. Connect the headphones to charge, put your smartphone on the charger and use the power bank function – all at the same time.

For travelers

Travel the world with one charger. Multifunction Travel Charger has replaceable applying to EU, UK and US-Asia standards.

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The screen

Digital display indicates the power bank battery level in real-time.


Just right

Design refers to current global trends. The charger is a perfect combination of compact size while maintaining the appropriate capacity of a power bank.


Available colours White
Battery type Li-Poly
Battery capacity 6700 mAh
Input voltage 5 V (2,4 A)
Output voltage 5 V (3 A) Typ-C, 5 V (2,4 A) USB, 5 V (1 A) induction
Connector 2x USB, 1x Type-C USB