SB-310 Smart bracelet

SB-310 Smart bracelet

EAN: 5900495484727

The Forever SB-310 smart bracelet is a great gadget for every active lifestyle enthusiast, who appreciates good style. This unique device not only records your daily physical activity, but has the timeless, beautiful look of a modern watch.

  • stylish design
  • waterproof
  • built-in sensors
  • dedicated Forever Move app


An elegant watch and a smart bracelet in a single device

Timeless simplicity, modern design, two trendy colors. The beautiful design of the bracelet makes the SB-310 useful not only during training, but also as an elegant everyday accessory. Unlike other smart bracelets, this model looks like a modern, beautiful watch, rather than a sporty accessory. And that is its greatest strength. A built-in sensor records your daily physical activity. The SB-310 will accurately count your steps, traveled distance and burned calories. Sleep soundly – the smart bracelet will keep watch.

Lightweight and durable

The main part of the bracelet is made of textured aluminum, which makes it both lightweight and durable. The 240 mm long strap used is an element made of high quality plastic of a pleasant texture. It is flexible, resistant to abrasion and does not change shape due to moisture. A sturdy metal buckle ensures secure grip on the hand. The SB-310 smart bracelet has a high protection rating of IP65. When you wear the bracelet everyday, you don’t have to worry about its safety in case of a sudden rain. This stylish gadget will also not disappoint you when you travel or work out, even in the most demanding conditions. All this in a package that weights merely 25 g.


Keep up to date

Thanks to SB-310 you won’t miss anything important. The bracelet will send you notifications about incoming calls, messages, emails or social media activity. Control your music in a convenient way using the watch, and select your favorite tracks by connecting it with your smartphone. 5 – 7 days of operation on a single charge thanks to the built-in 65 mAh battery. When you run out of power, the included wireless charger will help you out. You need only 2 hours to fully charge the smartband!

Color black
Manufacturer TelForceOne
Charging time 2 h
Degree of protection (IP) IP65
Processor Nordic nFR52832
Bluetooth v 4.2
Brand Forever
Functions find phone and bracelet function
Net weight 25 g
Vibrations yes
Battery capacity 60 mAh
Strap length 240 mm
Cooperation with the system iOS 8.0 i nowsze, Android 4.4 i nowsze
Maximum standby time 5 days
Guarantee 12 mies.


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