Smartwatch Forever Find Me 2 KW-210 blue

Smartwatch Forever Find Me 2 KW-210 blue

EAN: 5900495908421

Smartwatch for children with a SIM card and GPS locator – for the safety of the little ones.

  • Constant contact between the carer and the child through voice calls or chat.
  • Remote care – indicating the child’s location on a map, accessing the microphone on the watch.
  • SOS push button, allowing the child to quickly call for help if needed.
  • Activity measurement, sleep monitoring.


Smartwatche dla dzieci z lokalizatorem GPS

Smartwatch for kids Forever FIND ME! 2 KW-210

Smartwatch with SIM card and GPS tracker – your child’s safety comes first

Learn about the key remote monitoring features of the FIND ME! 2 smartwatch:

Zegarek z możliwością wykonywania połączeń

Keeping in touch with the child through voice calls or chat

Smartwatch z lokalizatorem GPS

Marking the child’s location on the map

Smartwatch dziecięcy z funkcją SOS

SOS button that allows the child to quickly call for help in case of need

Smartwatch for kids as a replacement for an expensive smartphone

Not being able to contact your child is a nuisance. Recall how many times it has happened that your offspring was not at the agreed place when it was time to be picked up from school. Or the pointless calling your child from the yard for lunch. It would be much simpler to make a phone call, except that a phone in the hands of a child is a risk.

A more sensible solution is a smartwatch for kids with a SIM card – instead of an expensive smartphone. Forever FIND ME! 2 is an ideal phone replacement. It handles voice calls and messaging via chat. The device has been designed for young users. It is durable, comfortable and sits firmly on the wrist. If a smartwatch performs the same functions as a phone, why overpay?

Smartwatch o funkcjach jak smartfon

GPS in the watch – monitor your child’s location

Smartwatch for kids Forever FIND ME! 2 allows you to remotely monitor your child. All you have to do is launch the app on your smartphone, and you can see on the map where your child currently is. The device sends coordinates to authorised phones based on GPS readings and cell towers, or LBS. This way you always have your child in sight. Set the area of the safety zone, and when your child leaves it, the app will send you a notification. You can check the route of your child from any day in the archived history.

Smartwatch z lokalizatorem GPS

SOS function – an easy way to call for help

In adverse situations, reaction time plays a key role. The Forever FIND ME! 2 smartwatch features an intuitive button with an SOS function for quickly calling for help. All the child has to do is press and hold the button. The device will make an automatic emergency call consecutively to three defined numbers and will keep calling until a response is received. A child in distress can easily get support from adults.

Smartwatch z lokalizatorem GPS

Make sure your child’s environment is safe

Are you concerned about the situation in which your child finds themselves? The Forever FIND ME! 2 smartwatch will give you remote access to its microphone. Turn on the sound from within the app, and you’ll hear what’s going on around your child. You will get information that will allow you, as a caregiver, to respond responsibly and appropriately to the circumstances.

Smartwatch ze zdalnym podsłuchem

Smartwatch – a gadget for boys and girls

Give your child a truly valuable gift. Choose the Forever FIND ME! 2 smartwatch and make your child feel special, like the hero of their favourite cartoon with their own command centre on the wrist.

The apps on the device function as safe entertainment, in addition to motivating children to increase their physical activity. The pedometer will make it fun for the child to walk and make movement an enjoyable challenge. The smartwatch features a flashlight, alarm clock and a maths game. Two color options available – pink and blue – let your child choose the colour that they like better.

Smartwatch dla chłopca, smartwatch dla dziewczynki

Controlling the watch from within the app

Most conveniently, the watch and the dedicated caregiver app work in Polish. The device is fully compatible with Android and iOS. You can remotely control the watch from your phone.

Smartwatch dla dzieci z aplikacją w języku polskim

Smartwatch dla iOS i Android, obsługa - język polski
Smartwatch dla chłopca - zawartość opakowania

Check activity logs and sleep monitoring readings to let you know if your child is moving enough and sleeping well.

W książce telefonicznej zdefiniujesz te numery, które będą mogły kontaktować się z Twoją pociechą.

Przyznasz dziecku elektroniczne punkty za osiągnięcia i zrealizowane obowiązki – zobaczysz, jak łatwo namówisz malucha do posprzątania pokoju albo umycia zębów.

Smartwatch dla chłopca - zawartość opakowania

Turn off the smartwatch if you decide that your child shouldn’t be using it at the moment – for example, while doing homework.

If it happens that the watch gets lost, you can find it with the app.

You can see the battery status of the smartwatch, so you can remind your child to connect the device to the charger.

Smartwatch for kids Forever FIND ME! 2

for a happy child and a calm caregiver

Smartwatch dla chłopca (tło)

Colors pink, blue
Battery capacity 400 mAh
Maximum standby time 3 days
Charging time 2 h
Microphone built in, with loudspeaker
Functions GPS + LBS location, phone call, road tracking, phone number blockingphone book, SMS alert, chat, SOS function, safe GEO-fence, pedometer, sleep monitoring, alarm clock, rewards, find watch, voice monitoring, remote shutdown, mathematical game, flashlight, time & date
Display colorful, 1.44″
Touchscreen yes
Application Forever Care (for IOS) or Forever KidsCare (for Android)
Product card KW-210 Find Me 2


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