Smartwatch Forever See Me 2 KW-310 rose

Smartwatch Forever See Me 2 KW-310 rose

EAN: 5900495908445

Watch with GPS locator, Wi-Fi positioning and SIM card access – child safety is a priority.

  • The carer will contact the child through the watch just as they would through the phone – calling and messaging option.
  • Child’s location visible on a map thanks to GPS, LBS and Wi-Fi positioning systems.
  • SOS push button, allowing the child to quickly call for help if needed.
  • Activity measurement, sleep monitoring.


Modne dziecięce smartwatche Forever SEE ME! 2

Smartwatch for kids Forever SEE ME! 2 KW‑310

Watch with GPS tracker, Wi-Fi location and SIM card slot – your child’s safety is a priority


Key remote care features of the SEE ME! 2 smartwatch:

Smartwatch dziecięcy z kartą SIM

Will contact your child through the watch just as you would through the phone – make calls and send messages

Smartwatch dziecięcy z GPS i wi-fi

Check your child’s location on the map with GPS, LBS and Wi-Fi location systems

Smartwatch z funkcją SOS

SOS button that allows the child to call for help in case of need

Smartwatch to replace a smartphone unsuitable for children

Not being able to contact your child is sometimes frustrating. How many times has it happened that your child was not waiting at the appointed place after finishing school? Or how many times did dinner get cold before your child returned from playing outside? In such situations, it would be more convenient to call, but a phone is a risky investment for a child. In the heat of play, it can be quickly destroyed or lost.

Smartwatch - najlepszy prezent dla dziecka

A sensible solution is the Forever SEE ME! 2 smartwatch

Smartwatch bullet point

Equipped with a nano SIM card slot, so it works like a phone – it supports voice calls and chat messages.

Smartwatch bullet point

Tailored to the needs of the youngest users. Sturdy build, a comfortable strap that fastens stably around the wrist, and a fancy design that is attractive to children.

Smartwatch bullet point

Blocking the possibility of accessing harmful content and preventing unauthorised persons from contacting your child.


The smartwatch performs the same functions as a phone, is affordable, and takes care of the child’s safety. The choice is simple.

GPS locator in a watch – you know where your child is

Is your child being late from school? Don’t worry when you don’t have to. Grab your phone and launch the Forever SEE ME! 2 watch app. On the map, you will see where your child currently is and the route they are taking.

Zegarek z GPS, LBS i wi-fi

The smartwatch sends location data to authorised smartphones using GPS tracking, LBS cellular network transmitting stations and Wi-Fi. You have the option to set a safety zone. If your child strays beyond its limits, you will receive a notification. Ensure your peace of mind and your child’s safety.

Smartwatch dla dziecka z lokalizatorem GPS

SOS function button – call for help immediately

In a situation where your child feels threatened, they have the right not to know how to react properly. The Forever SEE ME! 2 smartwatch simplifies the process of calling for help. Your child does not have to dial the required contact numbers. All they have to do is press and hold the SOS function button located on the side on the case. The device will automatically make an emergency call sequentially to three numbers defined by the caregiver. It will keep calling until a response is received. An adult has a chance to react immediately and appropriately to the situation.

Smartwatch dla dziecka z rzyciskiem SOS

Monitor your child’s environment

React to situations that you find disturbing. With the Forever SEE ME! smartwatch, you can gain remote access to the device’s built-in microphone and camera. This way you can easily and discreetly check what is happening around your child. You will hear and even see, by taking a picture.

Smartwatch dla dziecka z podsłuchem zdalnym

Waterproof smartwatch for any weather

Water is among the most common causes of damage to electronic equipment. In the hands of a child, devices are even more likely to come into close contact with water. That’s why the Forever SEE ME! 2 smartwatch meets the requirements of the international IP67 waterproof rating. It will perform well in adverse weather conditions, and is resistant to splashes or even temporary immersion.

Wodoodporny smartwatch dla dziecka

Nowoczesny smartwatch młodzieżowy

Smartwatch for boys and girls

Forever SEE ME! 2 is available in two colour options – pink or blue. Choose a model that is more to your child’s liking. Useful features of the watch are sure to delight your child. Included applications provide safe entertainment and effectively motivate young users to increase their activity during the day. The pedometer will make walking a real fun experience. The smartwatch has a maths game, camera and alarm clock.

Nowoczesny smartwatch młodzieżowy

Watch under caregiver control

The watch and app both support Polish language. Full compatibility with iOS and Android.

Smartwatch dla dzieci z aplikacją w języku polskim

Smartwatch dla iOS i Android, obsługa - język polski

As a caregiver, you control the functionalities of the watch from a mobile app.

Smartwatch dla dziewczynki

You can check sleep monitoring readings and activity measurements to know if your child is sleeping well and moving enough.

In the contacts list of the watch, you can define the numbers that your child can contact. No one outside the list can bother your child.

Award digital points to your child for achievements! Current score is displayed on the watch. Agree that after collecting one hundred hearts, the child will we awarded. You’ll see how easy it is to persuade your little one to clean their room or do homework.

Smartwatch dla dziewczynki

Turn off the smartwatch if you decide that your child shouldn’t be using it at the moment – for example, during school sessions.

If the device gets lost, use the app to locate it.

Check the battery level of the smartwatch and remind your child to charge their device at the right time.

Forever SEE ME! 2 smartwatch

Will bring joy to the child and peace of mind to the adults

Colors pink, blue
Battery capacity 400 mAh
Maximum standby time 3 days
Charging time 2 h
Microphone built in, with loudspeaker
Functions time & date, GPS/LBS/Wi-fi location, phone call, road tracking, phone number blocking, safe GEO-fence, phone book, SMS alert, chat, SOS function, pedometer, sleep monitoring, alarm clock, remote camera, rewards, find watch, voice monitoring, remote shutdown, mathematical game
Display 1,30″
Touchscreen yes
Application Forever Care (for IOS) or Forever KidsCare (for Android)
Product card See Me 2 KW-310


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