Smartwatch Forever Grand SW-700

Smartwatch Forever Grand SW-700

EAN: 5900495908384

A smartwatch with a large, comfortable envelope, designed with men in mind. The watch’s functionalities are in line with the latest trends for 2022/2023.

  • Large 46 mm envelope.
  • Music straight from the watch – memory for music tracks, Bluetooth headphone connectivity.
  • Supports phone calls via Bluetooth – built-in microphone and loudspeaker.
  • 37 sports modes, pedometer, calorie counter, distance measurement.
  • Measurement of blood pressure, blood oxygenation, heart rate monitor, sleep monitoring, notifications.
  • IP68 waterproof.
  • Replaceable watch face and straps (two in the set: silicone and eco-leather).


Nowoczesne zegarki męskie Grand marki Forever

Grand, men’s smartwatch from Forever

bigger watch face, more comfortable to use

Smartwatch męski z funkcją prowadzenia połączeń telefonicznych przez Bluetooth 5.0

Bluetooth 5.0 phone calls – built-in microphone and speaker

Smartwatch męski z dużą kopertą

Comfortable case size – 46 mm

Słuchaj muzyki przez smartwatch

Music from the watch – memory for music tracks, ability to connect to Bluetooth headphones

Smartwatch męski z dotykowym ekranem

Touch screen and digital crown for smartwatch control

Smartwatch męski wodoodporny

IP68 – the highest waterproof rating among watches

Smartwatch męski z wymiennymi paskami

User selected watch faces and straps (two included – silicone and vegan leather)

Sportowy smartwatch męski z krokomierzem

37 sport modes, pedometer, calorie counter, distance measurement

Smartwatch męski z monitorem snu

Sleep monitoring, Notifications, activity history

Smartwatch męski z ciśnieniomierzem i pulsoksymetrem

Blood pressure sensor, oximeter, heart rate monitor

Making calls via smartwatch

The built-in microphone and speaker allow you to make phone calls using the Grand smartwatch. All you have to do is pair the two devices via Bluetooth. The watch is equipped with the latest version 5.0 module. You can store the most necessary contacts in the handy contacts list. Your call history is displayed on the smartwatch screen. You don’t need to reach for your smartphone every time when a watch is definitely a more convenient option.

Smartwatch umożliwiający rozmowy za pośrednictwem zegarka

Listening to music directly from the watch

The Bluetooth module also provides for efficient pairing of the watch with wireless headphones. You don’t have to carry your phone with you when you want to listen to music. You can store about one hundred standard length music tracks in the device’s memory. Put on your headphones, press play on the smartwatch screen and enjoy the sound.

Smartwatch umożliwiający słuchanie muzyki za pośrednictwem zegarka

Get a training partner

The Grand smartwatch works well as a personal trainer. Training with your watch is a simple way to increase the effectiveness of your workouts. The watch can accommodate your favourite type of activity. It features as many as 37 sports modes – running, walking, biking, treadmill, climbing, basketball, volleyball, football, gym, table tennis, skiing, inline skating and more. This is many more than competing brands offer.

Sportowy smartwatch z trybami sportowymi

Do you notoriously suffer from a lack of motivation to move? Overcome this with the Grand smartwatch. Set your own goals and get satisfaction by achieving them. The device is equipped with a full suite of features needed by any active user – pedometer, calorie counter, distance measurement, stopwatch and timer. Recorded activity history allows you to monitor daily achievements.

Sportowy smartwatch męski z krokomierzem

The smartwatch can help you develop healthy habits

Grand allows you to take basic measurements of vital signs at any time. It has a built-in heart rate monitor, blood pressure sensor and pulse oximeter, so you can check your pulse, blood pressure and oxygenation levels. With the sleep monitoring function, you can effectively improve the quality of your night’s rest. Setting reminders for inactivity helps increase activity during the day. The Grand smartwatch by Forever will take good care of you.

Smartwatch z pulsoksymetrem, ciśnieniomierzem i pulsometrem

Be the master of your time

The Grand smartwatch offers you much more than just checking date and time. Its practical functionalities will allow you to manage your time more efficiently. In the schedule, you can arrange a day plan that will always be at hand. Getting up in the morning will become more pleasant with a convenient alarm clock on your wrist. You can be discreetly awakened by vibrations, without disturbing the sleep of the person with whom you share a bedroom.

Nowoczesny smartwatch męski z budzikiem

Modern notifications center

Wearing a smartwatch is undeniably more convenient than constantly reaching for your phone to stay up to date. The screen of your Grand smartwatch will display notifications from mobile apps, text messages and incoming calls. You won’t miss anything. No more aimlessly combing every nook and cranny of the room when you misplace your watch or phone somewhere. Paired devices will be able to locate each other. For added convenience, you can remotely control music playback and camera on your smartphone.

Nowoczesny smartwatch męski z powiadomieniami

Great specifications

The powerful battery has the capacity of 260 mAh. You can fully charge it in just 2 h, to have the watch last up to 15 days. The diagonal size of the case is 46 mm, making the Grand smartwatch’s display large and easy to read. The screen is controlled by touch, a rotating crown and buttons. You can wake your watch with a flick of the wrist. Adjust the brightness, volume and vibration to your preference. “Do not disturb” mode available when needed. The Grand men’s smartwatch and dedicated app support Polish language and are compatible with both iOS and Android.

Nowoczesny smartwatch męski z językiem polskim dla Androida i iPhone iOS

The smartwatch that fits your situation

Impossible to make a watch fit any style of outfit – both sporty and smart? The Grand smartwatch comes with two easily changed strap options included – silicone and vegan leather. You can match the watch to the circumstances. In addition, you can choose from several watch faces to personalise your smartwatch even more. Wear what you like.

Zegarek smartwatch z wymiennymi paskami


The waterproof rating of the Grand smartwatch matches the IP68 international standard – dustproof and waterproof. Don’t fear sand, dust or rain. Indulge in a relaxing dip in the pool, forget about taking off your watch every time you wash your hands or take a bath.

Zegarek smartwatch wodoodporny

Make the best decision and choose the innovative Grand smartwatch from Forever

Smartwatch dla mężczyzn Forever Grand - zawartość opakowania

Color black
Functions time, date, schedule, blood oxygen, heart rate, blood preassure, pedometer, distance, burned calories counter, music storage (up to 100 songs), Bluetooth calling, phone book ( up 20), call history, 9 sport modes (Walking, Running, Cycling, Indor walk, Indor run, Spinning, Climbing, Football, Free Training), goals, activity history, notifications, not disturb mode, sleep monitoring, remote camera, inactivity alert, alarm clock, music control, changable watch faces, find phone, stopwatch, timer, smart wakeup, screen brightness adjustment, vibration adjustment, volume control
Water protection IP68
Battery capacity 260 mAh Poly-Li
Maximum standby time up to 15 days
Charging time 2 h
Display 360 x 360 px
Display diagonal 1.32″
Touchscreen yes
Application Forever Smart
Product card Grand SW-700


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