Smartwatch IGO 2 JW-150 pink

Smartwatch IGO 2 JW-150 pink

EAN: 5900495963147

A smartwatch for children and teenagers that promotes healthy development and is a load of fun.

  • Motivates you to move – sports modes, pedometer, distance measurement.
  • Teaches health care – heart rate monitor, sleep monitoring, calorie counter.
  • Helps organise time – reminders, notifications, alarm clock.
  • Youthful design, touchscreen, lightweight construction and soft silicone strap.
  • Replaceable watch faces and built-in games.
  • High IP68 water protection and PIN-lockable screen.


Modne młodzieżowe smartwatche Forever IGO2

Forever IGO2 smartwatch for teens
healthy growth and fun

A useful gadget for young people

Zegarek sportowy dla nastolatków

Motivates to be active – sports modes, pedometer, distance measurement

Zegarek młodzieżowy z krokomierzem

Creates good health habits – heart rate monitor, sleep monitoring, calories burned counter

Smartwatch młodzieżowy z przypomnieniami

Helps organise time – reminders, notifications, alarm clock

Smartwatch fit for teenagers

Nowoczesny zegarek młodzieżowy

Modern youth-focused design, touch screen, low weight and soft silicone strap

Smartwatch młodzieżowy z grami

Choose from among watch faces and built-in games to make using it really fun

Smartwatch dziecięcy wodoodporny

High IP68 water protection and PIN screen lock for device security

Youth-focused, meaning modern

This is the best way to describe the Forever IGO2 smartwatch. Teenage fans of electronic gadgets will not want to take the smartwatch off their wrist. IGO2 will be just as successful with children just learning to navigate the world of technology. Choose the Forever brand watch and give someone from the younger generation a valuable gift that keeps up with the times.

Smartwatch - najlepszy prezent dla nastolatka

A watch that takes care of your child’s health

Adolescents in particular need an adequate amount of sleep to facilitate growth and recovery. Forever IGO2 with built-in sleep monitoring can help teenagers understand the importance of a night’s rest and improve its quality. These changes will have a positive effect on mood and ability to focus during school sessions. In addition, the watch is equipped with a heart rate monitor. The child can learn to read vital sign measurements and analyse their meaning. They can check how their body reacts to physical exertion, for example.

Zegarek z monitorem snu dla nastolatka

Healthy and sporty with a smartwatch

Activity means good health, and it’s not always easy to pull a teenager away from the computer, smartphone or console games. Only the Forever IGO2 smartwatch can compete with this. The watch challenges and motivates to break daily records in the number of steps taken or distance. This is all thanks to the built-in pedometer, calorie burned counter and distance measurement. In addition, the app keeps a ranking of performance and achievements among watch users. Teenagers aspire to be at the top of the list, having fun in the process. Young sports fans are sure to appreciate the sports modes provided by the smartwatch. A stopwatch and timer are also useful for workouts. Forever IGO2 is a really useful gadget.

Zegarek sportowy dla nastolatka

Scheduling like clockwork

Smartwatch bullet point

A particularly useful feature of the watch for teens is recurring reminders. They help get more organised during the day, carve out time for homework and develop healthy habits, such as regular meals.

Smartwatch bullet point

A convenient alarm clock on the wrist will vibrate to wake up the watch wearer when it’s time to get up for school. A loud alarm won’t spoil the mood at the start of the day and won’t wake the siblings with whom young people often share a room.

Smartwatch bullet point

Notifications from mobile apps, text messages and incoming calls appear on the smartwatch screen. This allows your child to stay on top of important information without having to grab their phone and be distracted from studying or eating meals.

Smartwatch bullet point

Silent mode will work well for school sessions and study time. Notifications will not make a sound when it is unwanted.

Smartwatch bullet point

Should a phone or watch go missing, paired devices can be used to locate the lost item. The watch will find the phone, and the phone will find the watch.

Smartwatch z powiadomieniami i przypomnieniami

Smartwatch made for teenagers

Forever IGO2 is a perfect watch for both boys and girls. Two colour options of the smartwatch are available – black and pink – so your child can choose the one they like better. User-selected watch faces can be used to personalise and change the appearance of the watch when you feel like it.

Smartwatch dla chłopców i smartwatch dla dziewczynek

One particularly important feature for the generation that loves to take photos will be the ability to control the smartphone camera with the watch. Group photos and perfect selfies without trouble. Young people value privacy, which is why the IGO2 smartwatch allows you to protect the screen with a PIN code. No unauthorised person will use the property of your child.

Boredom is no threat to teenagers with IGO2. The watch features four iconic games to pass the time and provide exercise for the mind. Combining candy, pairing numbers, flying an airplane and solving a maze – there is something for everyone.

Smartwatch z grami

IGO2 watch is like a fish in water

The Forever smartwatch can be submerged in water without fear, as it has an IP68 waterproof rating for the highest level of protection. Nothing will happen if your child forgets to take the device off while having fun in the pool or playing in the rain. IGO2 is a great accessory for a young swimmer.

Zegarek młodzieżowy wodoodporny

Using the smartwatch is child’s play

The Forever IGO2 smartwatch was created with young users in mind. It has a lightweight design with a soft silicone strap. The diagonal size of the display is 1.4 inches, making the content perfectly readable. Wake up the screen for action with a flick of the wrist. Control the watch by touch. It is easy to use, as is the dedicated Polish-language smartphone app. The smartwatch establishes a connection with a phone using Bluetooth technology. Works with Android and iOS systems. A fully charged battery provides up to 14 days of use time.

Smartwatch młodzieżowy z dotykowym ekranem
Smartwatch sterowany ruchem nadgarstka
Smartwatch młodzieżowy z polskojęzycznym oprogramowaniem
Smartwatch kompatybilny z iOS
Smartwatch kompatybilny z Android
Smartwatch młodzieżowy z wytrzymałą baterią

Nowoczesny smartwatch młodzieżowy

Want to choose the best watch for your teenager?
Bet on the IGO2 from Forever

Smartwatch dla nastolatka IGO2 marki Forever

Colors Rose, black
Battery capacity 180 mAh
Maximum working time 14 days
Charging time 2 hours
Protection against water IP68
Functions time, date, heart rate, pedometer, burned calories caunter, distance, notifications, stopwatch, timer, sleep monitoring, reminders, alarm clock, sports modes (walking, runing, climbing, riding, freesyle), smart wake-up, vibration and brightness settings, games, find watch, find phone, remote camera, screen lock, do not disturb mode
Display diagonal 1.4″
Screen resolution 240×240 px
Application Forever GoFit


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