Smartwatch ForeVigo2 SW-310 rose gold

Smartwatch ForeVigo2 SW-310 rose gold

EAN: 5900495862785

The second, improved version of Forever’s most popular smartwatch, designed with 2021 trends in mind.

  • two straps included
  • removable clock face
  • measurement of daily activity


Control music on the spot

Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity provides a fast and seamless connection with your smartphone. This way the Forevigo SW-310 allows you to control the music playing on your phone, e.g. during a workout or in crowded public transport. No need to reach for your smartphone every time you want to change a song. The built-in 180 mAh battery allows for up to 10 days of operation without charging, which means that the smartwatches need to be charged no more than three times a month. And when you do need to replenish energy, it won’t take long. The devices fully charge within 2 hours.

Defend your look with a watch face

You have absolute freedom and can change the look of your smartwatch within seconds. Designed in different styles, the two bracelets will fit any situation. Thanks to the telescopic coupling, they can be replaced in seconds. A precise sensor counts the number of steps you’ve taken and recognizes excessive gesturing. The Forevigo 2 SW-310 also displays traveled distance and burned calories. A heart rate monitor will come in handy during your workout. The watch analyzes sleep and allows you to set daily goals.

Dedicated application Forever Smart
Cooperation with the system iOS ≥ 9.0; Android ≥ 5.0
Bluetooth 5.0
Sensors and components Accelerometer, Heart rate monitor
MCU/Chipset RTL8762C
Accelerometer yes
Heart rate monitor yes


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