Ultra Fast

car charger

2x USB




2xUSB Double Power Built-in protection Fast charge technology 5,4 A current

Intelligent fast charging system compatible with technology
Quick Charge


Feel what ultra-fast car charging with Quick Charge 3.0 technology means!

Here’s a charger eqipped with an additional USB port, compatible with most devices.


Are you always on the move? With this intelligent device, you can make the most of your car time with full power!

45 minutes, that’s what you need to fully charge most phones. The QC3.0 technology is the most powerful smartphone on the market.

car_charger_2usb_ports car_charger_2usb_ports

Get in the car, connect your phone and/or navigation, camera or other device and feel the full power of what Ultra Fast means by charging.

Good design also means the ultimate in device functionality – this elegant charger with a metal housing hides the most common fast charging technology – QC3.0.

  • Fast charging technology
  • Double power
  • Two charging ports
  • Built-in protection

Future mobile technologies
are always in motion


Available colours Grey
Input voltage 12 – 24 V
Output voltage 5 V (3 A), 9V (2 A), 12 V (1,5 A) – USB
5 V (3 A), 9V (2 A), 12 V (1,5 A) – USB QC 3.0
5 V (5,4 A max) – USB + USB QC 3.0
Connector 1x USB, 1x USB QC 3.0
Functions Quick Charge 3.0
LED backlight


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