bezprzewodowe szybkie ładowanie 10 W Automatic power/off

Fast and wireless charging technology has never been so close. It’s now at your fingertips, and it’s served in an extremely elegant style.

forever-core-charger-wireless forever-core-charger-wireless

Your life waits for a revolution. Constant access to the phone is ensured by wireless charging. You will quickly recover energy after each call or chat, and keep it at a constant level. This is your way to maintain life balance.


Technology connects people. This product proves it. Stay in touch with the world due to quick, wireless 10W charging.

Simply put your phone on the induction charger, without any effort or the need to waste time on searching for a lost cable. It is always there, ready to charge your battery.

core_charger_wireless core_charger_wireless

Your phone will be protected by Auto OFF system, which automatically stops charging when your phone is 100% charged. Moreover, safety is its second name.

Built-in security measures protect your phone, charger and items that are put on it by accident against damage.

  • F-charge Qi is a smart wireless 10W fast charge
  • Smart protection – intelligent protection to prevent metal objects from heating up (only switches on with a compatible phone)
  • Auto OFF – automatically turns off charging when the phone is fully charged.

The wireless revolution is here!


Available colours Black
Cable length 1,2 m
Input voltage 5 V (2 A); 9 V (1,6 A)
Output voltage 5 V (1 A); 9 V (1,2 A)
Power consumption 0,03 W (standby power)
Material Artificial Leather
aluminum alloy
In set Wireless charger
micro-USB cable


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