Smartwatch Find Me KW-200 GPS green

Smartwatch Find Me KW-200 GPS green

EAN: 5900495702982

Kids Watch Find Me is designed for active communication between a parent and a child.

  • allows to make phone calls
  • allows to designate a safe area
  • features user location function
  • sends warnings (SOS)



Ensure your child’s safety with the help of the KW-200 smartwatch. Instead of a smartphone, use a smart watch that will tell you where your child is and how far they have traveled. Designate a safe area, in which your child can stay when away from home, and when they leave it, an app installed on your phone will notify you.

Staying in touch

Always stay in touch with your child thanks to the micro SIM card. When your child is at school and cannot carry a smartphone, the KW-200 smartwatch will take its place. It allows them to contact you when needed. A smart watch is also a great solution if you want to delay or limit the time your child uses a smartphone. The SIM card slot allows you to make calls without the need to connect with a smartphone.

Color green
Diagonal 1,3 cal
Charging time 2 h
Degree of protection (IP) IP 68
Bluetooth V 4.0
Resolution 240 X 240 px
Net weight 28 g
Battery capacity 160 mAh
Strap length 220 cm
Cooperation with the system IOS 9.0 i nowsze, ANDROID 5.0 i nowsze
Maximum standby time 7 days
Dedicated application Forever GOFIT
Guarantee 12 mies.


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