Smartwatch ForeVive Petite SB-305

Smartwatch ForeVive Petite SB-305

EAN: 5900495968586

A smartwatch created with women’s wrists in mind, being both a piece of jewellery and a highly functional device.

  • The 36 mm watch envelope is designed for a slimmer female wrist.
  • Replaceable faces and two straps included – a multipurpose silicone one and a jewellery mesh bracelet.
  • Functions dedicated to women – period calendar, thermometer, sleep monitoring, blood pressure monitor, heart rate monitor.
  • Functions to support physical activity – sports modes, pedometer, calorie counter, distance measurement.


Forever Forevive Petite - kobiecy smartwatch

ForeVive Petite

women’s smartwatch in rose gold

Designed with women in mind, it perfectly caters to the taste and needs of ladies. A smartwatch is both an accessory that can enhance natural beauty and a practical, functional gadget.

Are you looking for the perfect sensual watch for yourself, or perhaps you want to give a gift and make your beloved woman happy? See what sets Forever Forevive Petite apart:

Smartwatch z kopertą o przekątnej 36mm

36 mm watch case designed for a slimmer female wrist

Zegarek z możliwością personalizacji

Smartwatch customisation with different watch faces and straps (two included)

Zegarek z funkcjami dla zdrowia i urody

Features to support women’s life menstrual tracker, sleep monitoring, thermometer, blood pressure monitor, heart rate monitor

Smartłocz z krokomierzem

Features to support physical activity – sports modes, pedometer, calorie counter, distance measurement

Watch face size matters

With a modern as well as stylish smartwatch, it will be easy to keep up with the ever-changing fashion trends. At the same time, we can’t forger the comfort of the wearer and the ease of use. Unlike most devices on the market, which are mainly suited to larger male hands, ForeVive Petite was created with the more delicate female wrists in mind. The diagonal size of the case is 36 mm, providing the watch with subtlety appreciated by women.

Smartwatch z małą tarczą dla kobiet

Smartwatch dla kobiet z wymiennym paskiem

A watch for every occasion

Female beauty can shine on any occasion and in any look – smart, sporty or casual. Ladies like to play with fashion and change their style. A women’s smartwatch, then, must be able to match their outfit and mood, just as the ForeVive Petite can. It offers the possibility of personalisation. Interchangeable straps – a universal silicone one and a jewellery mesh bracelet – as well as watch face options to choose from.

Smartwatch z wymiennymi tarczami
Smartłocz z wymiennym paskiem

Features for women

The features of the ForeVive Petite watch will help a woman stay in better touch with her body, as well as take care of her health and well-being. Menstrual tracker to control the monthly cycle and its regularity. It is easier to predict the behaviour of your body and plan for upcoming events. Sleep monitoring helps improve the quality of the night’s rest, and setting reminders for inactivity will help effectively increase the amount of exercise during the day. The watch is equipped with a blood pressure monitor and a heart rate monitor. With the ForeVive Petite smartwatch, it’s easier to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Zegarek z kalendarzem menstruacyjnym
Zegarek z monitoringiem snu
Zegarek z krokomierzem
Zegarek z pulsometrem
Zegarek z ciśnieniomierzem

Accurate and comfortable measurement of body temperature

It’s not always easy to find the time or opportunity to reach for a thermometer and measure body temperature. This makes it all the more troublesome to take measurements on a regular basis. With the ForeVive Petite watch, you can take your temperature easily and pleasantly, without too much hassle. The built-in thermometer cyclically measures body temperature – the user can set the time and frequency. The results are recorded by the application. It allows women to stay better connected to their body, react in advance when the immune system weakens, and, what is of particular importance, effectively control ovulation.

Damski smartwatch z termometrem
Damski smartwatch dla kobiet uprawiających sport

Switch to sports mode

The smartwatch will work well for people who spend time actively or plan to move more. The Forever ForeVive Petite smartwatch for women keeps a history of activity, allowing you to analyse the effects of your workouts. It gives you the opportunity to set your own goals, giving you even more satisfaction from workouts, by reaching more achievements. All you have to do is choose the right sports mode – walking, running, yoga, cycling, spinning, badminton. The calorie burned counter will show energy consumption during the workout, the pedometer will count the steps taken, and in addition, the watch will display the travelled distance.

Zegarek z trybem sportowym chód
Zegarek z trybem sportowym bieg
Zegarek z trybem sportowym rower
Zegarek z trybem sportowym joga
Zegarek z trybem sportowym badminton
Zegarek z trybem sportowym spinning

Smart assistant of the modern woman

The watch is always at hand, so you can be free from the less comfortable smartphone and continue to stay up to date. Text messages, incoming calls and notifications from mobile apps will appear on the smartwatch screen in the form of notifications. The built-in alarm clock will pleasantly wake you up in the morning, using vibration so that the alarm will not disturb the sleep of other persons in your household. If your phone gets lost somewhere, the watch can help you find it. You can also control music playback and remotely take pictures with your smartphone’s camera from your wrist. Perfect selfies and group photos will no longer be a challenge.

Wielofunkcyjny smartwatch dla kobiet

Wodoodporny smartwatch dla kobiet

Smartwatch that feels good in water

The ForeVive Petite watch has a high IP68 waterproof rating. It is completely dustproof and waterproof – you can submerge it in water for an extended period of time. The watch will be just fine on a sandy beach or when swimming in the pool. There is no need to remove the smartwatch every time you wash your hands, take a shower or in the rain. ForeVive Petite is resistant to moisture and splashing.

Powerful battery

Bluetooth version 5.0 technology is a low-energy solution and guarantees efficient pairing of the watch with your smartphone. The device is compatible with Android and iOS systems. ForeVive Petite has a dedicated app in Polish. The easy-to-read 1.08-inch touchscreen display will wake up with a flick of the wrist. Adjustable brightness, vibration or “do not disturb” mode. A sizeable 100 mAh battery lasts up to 10 days on a full charge. Charging it takes only 2 hours.

An extraordinary woman deserves a watch as extraordinary as she is

Wielofunkcyjny zegarek elektroniczny dla kobiet
Colors rosegold
Functions time, date, walking, heart rate, blood presure, pedometer, distance, burned calories counter, thermometer, menstrual calendar, 6 sports modes (Walk, Run, Cycling, Yoga, Badminton, Spinning), goals, activity history, notifications, not disturb mode, sleep monitoring, remote camera, inactivity alert, alarm clock, music control, changable watch faces, find phone, smart wake-up, screen brightness adjustment, vibration adjustment
Water protection IP68
Battery capacity 100 mAh
Maximum standby time 10 days
Charging time 2 h
Display 240×210 px
Display diagonal 36mm
Touchscreen yes
Application Forever Smart
Product card ForeVive Petite


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