Electric scooter MAX CS-510

Electric scooter MAX CS-510

EAN: 5900495787262

CS-510 Forever Electric Scooter for adults is a device that will get you everywhere and ensure that you’re always on time.

  • durable wheels
  • double shock absorbers
  • effective and efficient operation


Ecology and efficiency

The Forever Max Electric Scooter CS-510 features a high quality and energy-efficient 7500 mAh battery. Thanks to its powerful battery, you can go on a journey of up to 25 km. It’s a great means of transportation that will get you to the city. Quickly and safely get to your office, university or go shopping and visit friends. Don’t waste your time and nerves waiting for the bus or standing in traffic. Check out all the advantages of the Forever Max Electric Scooter CS-510!

You will reach your destination quickly

Durability, efficiency, reliability in any situation. This is how you can describe the Forever Max Electric Scooter CS-510. It is equipped with a powerful 350 W motor. You can accelerate to a maximum speed of 25 km/h, which will come in handy when you’re late for an important meeting. For everyday driving, you’ll appreciate the 8.5-inch wheels that effortlessly overcome bumps in the road. Comfortable handling is assured by dual front and rear shock absorbers, which ensure effortless overcoming of bumps and pits in the road. In addition, you have two gears at your disposal. The scooter easily overcomes terrains with an incline of 20 degrees.

Don’t worry about he space

Forever Max Electric Scooter CS-510 is an electric scooter that has been manufactured using high-quality materials and parts, which ensure durability and trouble-free operation of the device. Plus, it features a lightweight, foldable design, so you won’t get tired when carrying it up the stairs. Additionally, the unit will fit into a smaller cabinet. Despite its lightweight design, this city electric scooter is very durable and can withstand loads up to 130 kg.

Color black, green
Manufacturer TelForceOne
Charging time 4 h
Battery capacity 7 500 mAh
Range 25 km
Max speed 25 km/h
Engine power 350 W
Wheel diameter 8,50 cal
Load capacity 130 kg
Brand Forever
Net weight 18 kg
Guarantee 12 mies.


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