Smartband Forever ForeVive Lite SB-315 rose gold

Smartband Forever ForeVive Lite SB-315 rose gold

EAN: 5900495908377

The ForeVive Lite smartwatch is a lightweight version of the popular Forever smartwatch. The designers made the best effort to retain the key functionalities of the watch, while significantly reducing its price. ForeVive Lite smartwatch:

  • goes well with any style thanks to customisable watch faces;
  • helps you stay active with sports modes;
  • offers ruggedized design with a splash-proof casing (IP67).


Forever Lite supports healthy habits

The ForeVive Lite smartwatch can be your personal trainer, supporting your active lifestyle 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It offers a number of sports features to foster healthy habits in your everyday life. It also helps you track the number of calories burnt and reminds you to stay hydrated during your free time.

ForeVive rose
ForeVive damski

ForeVive Lite gets you going

Running, walking, climbing, or biking – your new Forever smartwatch will help you stay active and in shape regardless of your favourite sport. The watch processes your activity data and visualises it using easy-to-read graphs, which you can analyse on your phone, using the Forever Smart app.

The app also allows you to set planned goals, such as daily calories burned, steps walked or number of hours of sleep, as well as monitor your progress in real time. This will help you find motivation to work out even on cold, rainy days.

Smartwatch damski Forever
Smartwatch Forever

ForeVive Lite can handle any workout

There is more to a great smartwatch than a decent feature set – without a durable case, you would not be able to use them anywhere you want. ForeVive Lite is splash resistant and IP67-certified. This means it will easily survive a long shower or workout during a rainy day. The Forever smartwatch also features a metal case, which protects the delicate components of the watch and makes it highly durable.

Included with the ForeVive Lite you will find a strap made of high quality silicone – it is soft and pleasant to the touch, yet very durable.  The strap fits snugly against your skin, so it will not fall off your hand during your workout.

Forever smartwatch – compatible with iOS and Android

You can enjoy the full feature set of your new watch regardless of which smartphone brand is your favourite. The Forever Smart app is compatible with both iOS and Android. The stable Bluetooth connection keeps your smartphone connected to the watch even if it is 10 metres away, which allows you to control music playback or podcasts even when you do not have your phone on you.

Color black, rose
Functions time, data, walking, running, biking, hiking, weather, stop watch, activity history, goals, changable watch faces, find watch, find phone, remote camera, music controller, drinking reminder
Water protection IP67
Battery capacity 155 mAh Li-ion
Maximum standby time up to 10 days
Display colorful 240×240 px
Display size 1.3”
Application Forever Smart
Connectivity Bluetooth 5.0
Product card ForeVive Lite
User manual ForeVive Lite


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